It’s been too long

photography of fall trees

We all know that the more you do, the busier you get. Just as the more roads are built, the more cars fill the roads up. We can only hope they start building more bike paths instead. Anyway, so I’ve been busy and that’s why I’ve been missing in action….

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When is a pig not a pig?

I learnt that pigs are not all the same this week. A regular client of mine brought her itchy dog in. There had been a flare up. It had previously responded nicely to a diet of a cooked wild boar as the sole protein souce in a commercial dog roll….

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New tips and tricks coming your way

What a worldwind it has been. Literally… I’ve managed to tick off three conferences and one teaching workshop in that time; squeezed in clinic consults and ended with four days of enforced rest with the’ C virus’. New stuff It didn’t matter whether the conference was around the corner in…

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It Won’t Work

I had another one of those this week. My client turned up very worried because the damaged tendon in her dog’s front leg was starting to contract. The carpus (wrist) wasn’t able to stretch out. To laser or not to laser To cut a long story short. The wrist was…

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Case of the month

A big shout out to the amazing vet nurse Ebony and to laser therapy.I’ve seen Randy for the last three and a half years for his arthritis after cruciate surgery. By the way, he is also 14 years old which is not bad for a Beagle x Labrador with diabetes….

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