Case of the month

A big shout out to the amazing vet nurse Ebony and to laser therapy.
I’ve seen Randy for the last three and a half years for his arthritis after cruciate surgery. By the way, he is also 14 years old which is not bad for a Beagle x Labrador with diabetes.

A few months ago, when Randy came for his regular maintenance treatment, his owner mentioned that they were having issues with infections on his feet. He was being managed by conventional vet ointments and pills. We treated it with my trusty little laser that day. I also suggested that he should continue regular frequent laser therapy with my vet nurse Ebony as I was only able to see him monthly.

A few visits later, despite the owners trying additional veterinary tratments, the feet were still quite ‘manky’. Even the herbal cream I had made up for him wasn’t enough. The owners hadn’t followed up on the laser yet. They were starting to discuss quality of life decisions as Randy was now reluctant to walk a lot of the times.

Painful sores on feet

Fast forward a month later and it has been an amazing turn around. Randy is not out of the woods yet, but the improvement has given everyone hope. His owner had finally taken him to Ebony for weekly laser therapy and from the first pictures where the feet were covered in thick yellow scabs and oozing sores, to healthy looking skin with no active sores has been a highlight for us.

Laser therapy seems to have made a huge difference to skin issues in this diabetic patient.

After a few laser treatments

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