Farewell Old Friends

So my flight got delayed and what better use of my time than to catch up on writing my next blog.
This one is a bit special because it is a tribute to all the beautiful souls I have been privileged to have known; have fought the hard battle; to have hung in there with grit, and then said I’ve had enough.
Last week three patients said goodbye after defying all predictions from the experts to live well past their use by date.


Prin lived with multiple myeloma for the last four years ago. She had her ups and downs but always battled through with the support of her amazingly dedicated owner. She turned 17 this year. Prin had a an extensive integrative veterinary team of holistic, general practice and specialist oncologist vets. All of us will miss her.


Honeybun was diagnosed with a nasal tumour that had spread to his brain and throat. He was given three months. He too was treated with a combination of acupuncture, herbal supplements and diet but without conventional chemotherapy. Honeybun then lost an eye to glaucoma and started getting weaker. His supplements cost a lot but he was a 65kg Newfoundland. Last week, 20 months after diagnosis, aged 12; in a cruel twist of fate, he developed bloat and it was one too many battles. You were such a sweet, big boy.


Matilda came to me eight and a half months ago with a diagnosis of cancer that had spread to multiple organs. We never really got ahead of this one but slowed it for a time. Matilda went into slow decline recently and then it was time. She too gave so much love back to her people.

Many of my cancer patients live well past their predicted lifespans. One of my teachers, Steve Marsden used to say that his aim was to have them die of something else.

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