It’s been too long

photography of fall trees

We all know that the more you do, the busier you get. Just as the more roads are built, the more cars fill the roads up. We can only hope they start building more bike paths instead. Anyway, so I’ve been busy and that’s why I’ve been missing in action….

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A little over two years ago, Tess’ owner brought her to me in need of help. She had just been diagnosed with bladder cancer and had been recommended by her groomer to see what ‘Aunty Kim’ could do. Although I had not treated Tess before, she was well known to…

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The big ‘C’ word

Yesterday I saw three beautiful dogs that each had cancer. There is no way to make this sound nice but living with cancer can suck …or it can be ‘where’s my dinner’. The most important lesson that I have learnt over the years is that thinking of the disease as…

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