New tips and tricks coming your way

What a worldwind it has been. Literally… I’ve managed to tick off three conferences and one teaching workshop in that time; squeezed in clinic consults and ended with four days of enforced rest with the’ C virus’.

New stuff

It didn’t matter whether the conference was around the corner in Melbourne, up north on the Gold Coast or even further north in Bali, we’ve picked up some really useful gems. We have added Cold spray, PEMF, and new herbs and supplements to the clinic already.

It’s also been a wonderful opportunity to connect with my colleagues. It never ceases to amaze me how many useful tips you pick up in general conversation over a meal, a snorkelling trip (Bali pre conference) and definitely at exhibitors stands.

By the way, knitting at a conference has become more popular over the years. It beats checking your social media.

Old stuff

All things have to come to an end though and the dreaded Covid emerged after a serve of double choc ice-cream. There’s a really cool saying that’s doing the Facebook rounds at the moment. “Everyone who confuses correlation with causation eventually ends up dead.” Anyway it’s given me even more opportunity to catch up on some overdue webinars and learn even more cool stuff. The week did end on a high though. Ebony my amazing ‘rehab’ nurse was checking a dog three days after I had last seen it for a suspected ‘Acute Polyradiculoneuritis’/ Coonhound Paralysis. From commando crawling the last two weeks, it was now walking a few steps. It had one treatment from us, some rehab homework and chinese herbal supplements to go home with. No new tricks were even tried. Another of my favourite sayings; ‘An oldie but a goodie’.

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