New-old Idea Rocktape

Just found out about Rocktape. I can’t wait to try it on my doggy patients. It has been used on people for awhile now and is entering the horse world. I can think of quite a few ways I can use this in dog rehabilitation. This is me in a demo session pretending I had tennis elbow. 

Watch this space. I will be trying this on Buster the back surgery dog next week. 


2 thoughts on “New-old Idea Rocktape

    • geelongcreatures Reply

      In a similar way to how my elbow was taped up in the blog. The technique needs to be taught though, so if you are familiar with how to apply Rocktape, go ahead. The dog coat should be clean, dry and very short or it comes off. It sounds like your dog could benefit from some body work or acupuncture too. Range of motion exercises are great for this.

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