It’s been too long

photography of fall trees

We all know that the more you do, the busier you get. Just as the more roads are built, the more cars fill the roads up. We can only hope they start building more bike paths instead. Anyway, so I’ve been busy and that’s why I’ve been missing in action….

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Coonhound paralysis

Acute canine polyradiculoneuritis is more commonly known as Coonhound paralysis. There are a number of theories on the cause of this disease. In North America, dog  may be affected by contact with something in raccoon saliva. There are obviously no raccons in Australia but Coonhound paralysis does occur here. The…

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Swimming is not rehabilitation

In recent years, dog rehabilitation is becoming recognized as an important step in recovery after injury. However, many dog owners think that swimming is the answer. In many cases, swimming can make things worse. Many dogs don’t like or are not natural swimmers. This makes them struggle in the water;…

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