Happy Kukur Tihar (Day of the Dogs)

It was lovely learn from the news tonight that today is the Day of the Dogs. This is the second day of the five day Nepalese Hindu celebrations Deepawali. It is analogous to the festival of lights, the Indian Diwali.

Dogs are honoured for their importance to humans in Hindu beliefs.


Isn’t it wonderful that dogs are revered for just being themselves. Even the strays are given special food, decorated and celebrated.

It reminds me of my trip, oh so long ago to Sri Lanka where we were met by some friendly dogs at an elephant compound. The local vet hosting us explained that these dogs belonged to the community and everyone looked after them. It wasn’t ‘this is my dog or not my dog’ but all dogs. Her comment ‘of course any dog is looked after as it was the Buddhist way’ really resonated with me.

Happy Kukur Tihar all you furry K9s out there.

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