A melting pot of new ideas

It’s been two months since the annual Australian Veterinary Conference in Brisbane was held. The conference was a good time to touch base with the latest ideas and research.

On the one hand was a lecture on the possible association of feed raw chicken with polyradiculoneuritis (coonhound paralysis) and across the hallway in another room, an explanation from the world renowned Dr Jean Dodds on diet, the gut biome and cancers.
I also came home with a variety of supplements ranging from green lipped mussel extracts to palmitoylethanolamide powder or PEA powder for short.

What I really like about getting my hands on new stuff to try is that some patients immediately come to mind as ideal candidates that might benefit. There’s always another possible pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Did I mention that I am also the proud owner of a laser after a happy hour session at the conference exhibition hall? …and I don’t even drink, but I must have been happy ☺️. The laser has become a fantastic tool for the clinic. Dogs with sore backs, cruciate injuries, shoulder strain have all benefitted from laser therapy.

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