I missed out on an Aldi special recently

A few months ago, I noticed that Fisiocrem was on special at Aldi. Unfortunately/ fortunately, I only decided to buy it a couple of days later when my elbow pain was really annoying me. Of course it was sold out. We are talking about an Aldi special here.

Home remedies

This made me realize that I already had treatment options at home. After all, I spent most of my professional life treating sore, stiff dogs. Lo and behold, a combination of laser therapy and a special proprietary massage oil greatly improved my elbow pain (partly caused by work and too much Covid- DIY). There’s nothing like seeing something work on yourself to convince you of it’s effectiveness.


Another fallout from the ‘Covid- Work outside in the freezing, fresh open air clinic’ has been multiple episodes of chillblains on my fingers. My friend described one swollen finger as resembling a heritage carrot! With nothing to lose, I tried the special massage oil and to my amazement it helped settle the intense itchiness. I am so grateful to my wonderful colleague Dr Elaine Cebuliak from Animal Wellness Holistic Veterinary Clinic http://www.animalwellness.com.au/ for sharing some of her wonderful massage oil with me.

Now that the winter solstice is upon us, it can only get better from here (the weather anyway 🤞) Covid? Not so sure. My chillblains? I was born in the tropics and should have stayed there 🏝️.

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