Kim ‘s new career as a multimedia megastar (not)

I was recently invited to participate in a couple of media promotions.

The first was to promote the membership of the Australian Veterinary Association. They thought my presence would balance out the older, male demographic that they already had doing their mini promotional videos. Hmmm, I’m not exactly a spring chicken but I was keen to balance the gender presence. So my first Covid video was shot, sent off and approved by management.

I was then asked by the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies to participate in their interviews of integrative practitioners from various parts of the world. This was another Covid project. Some amazingly positive things have come out of this pandemic and I hope that more people continue to find joy in connecting with their family and pets; growing more in their garden; going for walks and bike rides while working from home.

I was once told by a fellow acupuncturist (human) that Wood element personalities (me included) like their have their story told. So here it is, warts and all (lots of warts).

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