Stay safe and healthy everyone

Corvid -19 (Coronavirus) has hit the world like a semitrailer and like you, I am trying to stay sane, not panic and keep my community safe. Everyday gets more worrisome as the government continues to strengthen our guidelines regarding this pandemic.

Due to the current crisis, Geelong Creatures’ Comfort is practising safety rules above and beyond recommended guidelines to keep all owners and me safe. If you have an upcoming appointment, instructions will be sent out with your appointment reminders.

I will remain open for as long as possible to keep your pets in the best health. Veterinarians all over are working extremely hard to prevent the spread of this awful virus. We share information about safety strategies and ideas.

Please contact me on 0478131646 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

I am sending best wishes to everyone to stay safe and healthy.

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