My week in Seattle

Last week I shook hands with the president of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) was amazed by the correlation between Ancestral Acupuncture points and releasing fascia from an osteopathic perspective and said hello to a red wolf. I am pleased to say that veterinary acupuncture in Australia is right up there with what the rest of the world are offering. The next 18 months will be an exciting challenge as we Ā prepare to host the 2017 IVAS Congree in Cairns and try to wow our overseas visitors with our knowledge and our unique country.

The conference was followed by a rainforest tour. They grow really tall trees here. I have finally got to identify and even taste some of the herbs that I had previously known only by the names on the tincture bottles in the clinic, such as oregon grape, corydalis and horsetail. Salmon berry, blueberries and thimble berry were yummy!

Off to Calgary tonight with my colleague Dr Elaine Cebuliak. Hope to add to my short list of animals seen; deer, chipmunk, hummingbirds….maybe a bear?

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