Ned ‘walks’

Ned, a 10 year old Boxer came to me in June this year after a spinal cord tumour diagnosed 18 months earlier had now reduced him to a state where he was pretty much a quadriplegic and his quality of life was seriously questioned by all.

Being a ‘Wood’ element myself, I don’t like giving up and go by the axiom that everything deserves a chance.

At this stage, Ned was depressed, had all four legs in the slings of his special wheelchair and could move his eyes, eat and not much else.

To our amazement, with each successive visit, Ned improved a tiny bit. He started to lift his head a little, then move his front feet. One day he could support his weight on his front legs….Six months later, Ned can pull himself along with his front legs in his wheelchair, he can support his weight with his back legs for about 10 seconds, he can roll around, turn over and even clean himself. He will never be cured but he definitely has a smile whenever he comes for a visit to get  his dose of acupuncture, chinese herbs and homeopathics (he actually thinks he comes to visit the chickens and guinea pigs).

Merry X’mas Neddy!

This is a recent  Youtube of Ned.


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