It’s a small world when you’re an Integrative Veterinarian

I discovered the fun of listening to podcasts yesterday while painting windows over the summer months. It’s not my habit to listen to the radio as I equate it to sitting in a car and my main commute is by bicycle. However, there’s only so many hours of listening to your own thoughts before….

Veterinary Podcasts

Pure Animal Podcasts is produced by Dr Sarah Howard. Dr Sarah is a veterinarian with an interest in integrative medicine. When I scanned the names of the vets she had interviewed, I was surprised at how many were familiar to me. Yesterday, I selected my first podcast, an interview with Dr Alison Moran. Dr Alison is also an integrative veterinarian, the current president of the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group and a good friend of mine. She is a partner in a busy general practice in Sydney. Dr Alison talked about some insightful, sensible strategies of caring for the senior pet. I regularly share similar ideas with my clients.

Dr Alison Moran on the Senior Pet

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel so rather than repeating Dr Alison, I would encourage those with an interest in combining allopathic veterinary care and integrative medicine to have a listen to Dr Alison’s interview.

Here’s the podcast for apple users.

And the podcast for android users.

Or check it out on your favourite podcast app (that’s where my expertise ends).

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