What a year! Rock on 2016

My apologies for the long absense. 2015 is nearly over and I hope I never have another year as busy as this one. My little hobby that ended up consuming a big chunk of the last three months is completed and Year 12 Chinese is finally over! I have not neglected my furry friends though. For study breaks and even to celebrate the completion of the exam, I became ‘Auntie Kim’ the chiropractic and acupuncture vet. My needy dependents, (cats, chickens, guinea pigs and two teenagers) still expected mum to ‘run the shop’. Such is the lot of a multi tasking female vet. Where will this all lead? Hopefully I will be able to visit China in the near future and attend a veterinary acupuncture conference or two…(didn’t I say I was going to have 2016 off, no more volunteering for extra duties…)

So, after my next role chaperoning a group of teenagers around on the Great Victorian Bike Ride and helping out at the school book sale, I will find time to write about Ned, who taught me about hope and what is possible in the face of extreme adversity.

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