Why I get a buzz out of being an integrative medicine veterinarian

Something awesome happened today. I see these patients every now and then and every time they get better, I get a buzz out of it.

As you can see, this little dog is pretty ancient, 14 and a bit. She suddenly¬†collapsed a week before I saw her and couldn’t even sit up. The poor owner was exhausted staying up every¬†night with a distressed dog. Xrays showed degenerative changes in the neck. Her front legs were contracted and crossing over so she couldn’t sit or walk.

She was old but still alert and didn’t appear to be in acute pain. She deserved a chance. If she didn’t respond quickly we would call it quits.

After the first treatment, she was able to sleep through the night and was moving a bit better.

Today, two weeks after the first visit, the owner was very pleased to show me how well her little dog was able to get around. It wasn’t perfect, she was still crossing her front legs but what a lovely change.

Stop press: day after last treatment, she is now able to squat for a pee.

Old age is not a reason to call it quits!

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