Ancient and Awesome


I am grabbing quick moment to write my president’s report for the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group (AVAG) newsletter. It is dribbling rain in the middle of the Gellibrand oval on Day 6 of the Great Victorian Bike Ride. We spun our treadilies for 20 km up the Otways today and I can thank my acupuncture skills for getting me here. There is no doubt about it but every now and then I am blown away by how such old, simple techniques can be so powerful.

Flashback to two days ago when half way through the longest day of 107 km, I strained my left hammy and quads. It was not an easy 50 km to the end. Hobbling on one leg, I contemplated the hill climb ahead. It was going to be ugly.

I will be eternally grateful to Dr Elaine Cebuliak who travels with her piezo stimulator and I had brought mine along just in case. I gave myself a few zaps to clear my Bladder and Stomach meridian. There was such an immediate improvement that I then finished the treatment with a few balancing points. An hour later, the left leg was 90% improved. It certainly beats spending $65 for the physiotherapy that they had on offer.

Acupuncture is so awesome, but you all know that anyway.

The rain has stopped so it must be time to join one of the many queues with 5200 other people.

Cheers Kim


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