Interesting case

Hello everyone,

Schools back and while the kids are busy getting into their routine, I have also got back into juggling mode and am in the process of helping to organize three different functions/ seminars for the animal chiropractic practitioners and the veterinary acupuncturist. The veterinary conference in Cairns will be quite inspirational as Steve Marsden, a respected veterinary acupuncturist form Alberta, Canada will be our main lecturer. We are also getting a step closer to setting up a new animal chiropractic course (Animal Biomechanical medicine) accredited and ready to go by 2014. That’s more finger in the pie. I guess I was born one of the ‘helpers’.

Anyway, a miniature schnauzer came in and presented with a history of seizures, itchy skin from allergies and a blood result of hyperlipidemia. From a western medicine point of view, these are all separate issues and are dealt with separately. However, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine aspect, these are related and can be effectively treated with one or two Chinese formulae. It will be interesting to see how well this dog responds. You learn something everyday and that is what is so exciting about this type of work.

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