Introducing the piezo stimulator

I hope Santa has been kind to one and all for the festive season. Just before Christmas, I bought a piezo stimulator to use on acupuncture points. During my trip to Sri Lanka last year, Dr Elaine introduced me to the stimulator as I developed a sore neck from sleeping on the plane. It uses piezo crystals to generate an electrical pulse that stimulates the acupuncture points without needles. It felt like a static electric shock and I was keen to try in on my patients back in Australia. Unfortunately it is not available through Australian distributors but I had a brain wave and bought a mozzie clicker instead. It too uses piezo crystal technology. Unfortunately the mozzie clicker was much milder in its effects so I had to buy the real thing. It is till early days yet but I have used it mostly on the doggy patients that have come to me with disc problems that have resulted in some loss of function to their back legs. I always appreciate any help I can get in trying to ‘wake’ the nervous system up. I will keep you posted on the results.



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