Due to the current crisis, Geelong Creatures’ Comfort is now practising safety rules above and beyond recommended guidelines to keep all owners and me safe. Instructions will be sent out with your appointment reminders. I will remain open for as long as possible to keep your pets in the best health.

Please contact me on 0478131646 if you have any questions.

Since early March, I have been taking appropriate measures in accordance with the Health Department advice.

  • Working outside in the sunshine and fresh air as much as is practical.
  • In bad weather, I plan to work under my deck or in the clinic.  Owners are welcome to watch from the garden (BYO umbrella and appropriate clothing) or wait in the car.
  • Maintaining at least 2 m between us.
  • Sanitising between patients.
  • Wearing protective gear including a face mask so that I minimise what I put on your pet’s coat while working.
  • I will email you a copy of the invoice/ homework/ next appointment.
  • Payment by bank transfer is preferred.

Sending best wishes to everyone to stay safe and healthy.

Regards Dr Kim Lim